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Which prompted the contractually obligated discussions of what we would do in case of zombie apocalypse. (Our plans would definitely involve fighting our way to the shore and stealing a sailboat). But, what can I say, I need a lot more skills for all of this; my post-apocalypse-readiness-meter is way low.

These things are necessary! Andy and I figure we'll grab my bros and head for the desert. It may not be good on natural sources of food, but at least it's sparse on the population and we'd knock over a supermarket on the way.

We've also discussed the relative merits of heading up the nearest mountain range. I think it just depends on which way is most clear.

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*nods*!! Either way, one has to plan for these things carefully!

* yuki_onna and I took part in some sort of inexplicable lolcat type meme photos involving lots of people ironing and a guy in a Tron costume, all orchestrated by Randall Munroe of xkcd. Cat played the dead chick on the floor.

Will they be putting it on their website? I am consumed by curiosity ;-D

Ditto! Also: Jealous! I watch a lot of CSI/L&O and would love to be the body.

Stealing a sailboat has always sounded good to me -- not sure about powered boats (a lesson from Dawn of the Dead). I guess learning to sail needs to go on the life list. Maybe bring along a Razor scooter to sling on one's back for quick getaways on shore. ...That go-bag is getting heavier and heavier!

Am trying to figure out what those lolcat meme photos would translate to, and failing. Let us know if they're ever published.

Just remember that there are many type of zombie attacks.

Fast zombies require a different plan than the slow zombies.

And much fun was had by all!

I think we might have to have a post-apocalypse-readiness discussion... this is seriously important stuff.

Did you mean mishamish? Or did you really mean misha?


No, you are correct, of course. His name mentally collided with his username.

Just keep the heads

I wouldn't legislate against suicide or assisted suicide, but if I had the power to do so, I'd require cryonic suspension of the head afterward. Nobody should be trapped in a sick, decaying, pain-ridden body - but then nobody should die, either. Ordinarily I'm a small-l libertarian on nearly all such matters, but I make a special exception for death - real death, with the brain destroyed - because it's the only truly irreversible mistake.

As for abortion, like most transhumanists, I'm a personhood theorist. Anything without two neurons to form a synapse isn't a person.

-- Eliezer Yudkowsky

Re: Just keep the heads

Thank you for the reply first of all; most unexpected. :)

Ok, that makes sense, I can agree with that.

Now comes the part where I have to think carefully, though. Because on the one hand, I feel that people own their bodies and lives, and should be given a choice even for total oblivion. So that they should be given a choice whether they want the heads kept, and the possibility of eventual resurrection.
But on the other? Ask me how I feel about authors (especially really good ones) destroying their work, Virgil-style in a fit of madness or self-doubt. Or about books (or film or games) going out of print and disappearing into the void. If I had to be honest, I know I would do everything in my power (legislation, secret cabal-style subterfuge, etc) to save the work from disappearing. Even though I know the authors own the work, it is theirs. Still. Possibly I feel differently about works than about people because I value works more (I feel there will always be more people). Or, no, perhaps it is because I feel people can give consent (on what should happen to them), and works cannot, they're non-sentient entities.

In any case, this is not an easy question, sure.

You know there was a "Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse" panel at Penguicon this year, right?

You should have been there. We had a blast!

It was the first time I've been on a panel and it was amazing how much the audience got into it.

I sat in on a tiny part of that panel, but then had to run! :)

In general, there were a ton of programs that I just had to miss, scheduled across from each other.

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