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abandon hope
I seem to have achieved an iPhone, after many weeks waiting on the order lists.

I know I'll have much software questions, but the most important one is:

What's your favorite Outliner app for iPhone? (Extra super bonus if it has a Windows desktop client, too, or can sync with one). (Outliners are tree-based note-taking software, like checklists but with more features).

So far I've looked at: ZeptoLiner and CarbonFin outliners (both look decent), and the OmniOutliner (looks powerful, but possibly too many features for what I need).
On Palm, I used Progect, which also had a Windows desktop client it could sync with.

As far as notes, I've heard many recommendations for Evernote (Cat has it, and I know omnisti uses it).

How about general-purpose checklist or shopping list software?

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