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The Sarmatian Protopope

his desires inscrutable but surely base

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Good things
We've both been sick the last week or so. I've been struggling at work, hiding from everything.

But fuck it, here's the good stuff that's going on.

* Cat is finally home, for a good solid number of months, from a crazy tour that's now over! I am relieved beyond measure.

* We have in our possession an actual crate of lamb meats. (Two women who rented our house before us left the island to start a farm up north. I hear rabbit meat is next up.)

* We have a new kitten. I suppose he's no longer technically new, and he is too gigantic to be a kitten. Still. I love that little guy. He's the bravest and most affectionate cat I've ever had.

* I've discovered Prophet (comic series), and now I'm so addicted. I've been reconnecting with reading more comics lately. And I forget how I came across it, it was saved in one of my bookmarks. But it's reminded me just how much I missed science fiction, that crazy alien sense of wonder. Man, it's so good. This review explains it better than I could: Prophet, the barbarian space opera you should already be reading.

* Our boat survived hurricane Sandy. Why is that a concern at all? Like a dumbass, I got distracted and busy and left it in the water, as the storm hit. I rowed out to its mooring a day or so before the winds arrived here to strengthen the ropes and batten everything down. And I'm so glad I did, it survived (one of the mooring ropes broke, a second one frayed halfway, but the third one held).

* My dream car, the Pulsar.. is starting on a fairly regular basis. Enough to take me to the grocery store when I need it. I've been learning a lot about car repair, oddly enough. There's still a few major-ish issues to fix (new exhaust pipe, fix the leak in the power steering), but at least I know what they are.

* Christmas/New Years is coming. We're sickie and exhausted and unprepared, but still. It's snowing and beautiful outside, and I got a tree waiting to go up and be decorated. (Just have to move the bookshelf out of the way).

* I've gotten back into playing Kingdom of Loathing after many months away. It's a weird game, but makes me happy.

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So many things about this post make me SO happy. The biggest, obviously, being the knowing that you guys are well(ish?) and happy and good things are happening for you. But also the Pulsar running *AND MORE IMPORTANTLY* you getting your fingernails dirty on it! And, of course, knowing that you are back on KoL. Have you played any of this years Krimbo content?

Yeah! I caught this year's Crimbo from the start! (And tried out the new Class Act challenge path). Do you still play?

Do I... Do...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. I, ya know, kinda mighta done a few hardcore ascensions since we last talked. And by a few, I might mean, like... 60.

Which is why I am *SO* not interested in doing Class Act! I have 85 Hardcore Permanent Skills! Most of which are cross class. I don't think I would even remember how to PLAY with only one class's set of skills. :-P

oh VERY nice! This makes me way happy, that you play! :)

Yay for you doing well (aside from sick D: ), and Cat being home, and KITTEN!

This whole thing made me smile. KoL, kitten, recovery, love. What's not to like?

Nice to hear that you survived the storm. I wondered how the island had handled it.

It's funny, the storm was barely a thing on the island. One of the streets lost power due to a downed tree, and that's about it.
But the handful of us that had the boats still out on the water - pure insanity.

I miss you both SO much. I hope we can all get together soon.

*mad hugs*

Awwww! We miss you too!

Dude, we need to arrange to be rough space-time proximity on peninsular Portland at some point in the not-too-indefinite future.

And happy Solstice!

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