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The Sarmatian Protopope

his desires inscrutable but surely base

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Has personal summer actually arrived? Let's check.
Things that I associate with summer, deeply:

* Cherries. Apricots. Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew). In season, or close enough to it. Somewhere on my continent. Status: I think I hit all three, now. (To a smaller extent, corn).

* The boat. Sailing. To be honest.. I inwardly don't think the summer has started until the boat is in the water. (Which means, those couple of years where we didn't have the boat, after moving to Maine? To some extent, I never thought summer actually happened. Silly, but there it is). Status: Not quite there yet, but I'm working on it furiously. Still some steps left to sort out the mooring situation. To take apart the roller furler and see why it's jamming. To schedule the truck, to actually lower it into the water. Alllmost there. I can taste it.

* Swimming naked. (Off the boat, really). Or just swimming, in whatever state of dress (preferably, in a wet suit, cause damn it gets cold out here). Status: Plausible. Meaning, I waded in for a few dozen freezing seconds, in the middle of my run, a few weeks ago. And swam a bit, down in North Carolina at my parents' house, but that doesn't count, since it's the pretty much tropics down there.

* Jumping in the water in the middle of a run. Hmm, I'm starting to sense a water-centric theme here. Unlike all the other associations on this list, this one is more recent, as of moving to Maine. But I love it deeply. Status: Done (see above).

* Shashlik. (A type of Middle Eastern / Russian barbecue). Status: Pending.

* Playing Magic: The Gathering. Not sure why I associate this with summer, really, as I like to do it year round. (And haven't, in a while). Maybe for the same reason that I associate Fall and Winter with playing D&D (and tabletop RPGs in general). Status: Pending. I got some decks together, just need a free evening when Cat and I are in the mood. Also, trying to play Duel of the Planeswalkers over Steam with a close Aussie friend. 'Cept there's some bug in the Steam version, and it's not letting us join each other's games. Hopefully fixed soon.

Overall verdict, on summer: pretty much here. But will be _even more here_ shortly.