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The Sarmatian Protopope

his desires inscrutable but surely base

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I want to livejournal, but I don't know how to (re)start. I've been away for a while, and for some reason I'm lightly obsessed with the idea of chronological narrative, of continuity, of filling in what I've missed. It's silly, but compulsive. And I've had so many changes in my life, over the last couple of years, that I don't know how to go about it.

Hey, whatever, though. I miss you all. Miss writing, especially.

I've been thinking about LJ recently, because of Secret. It's an interesting service. I feel validated, in that I've ranted in every conversation even remotely on topic, about the value of anonymity that LJ provides, that very few other services offer. And here is this social site, very elegantly done, good design (by ex-Googlers, I think?), based on that very premise.

Except there's a twitter-like character limit to each post (maybe a few chars longer). And the long form that LJ has is so seductive, way more conducive to intimacy.

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Letting go of the idea I have to fill in the gaps has made it possible for me to update on a semi regular basis.


Also: "Is too much. Will sum up."

>> that I don't know how to go about it.

If you can't start at the beginning, start in media res!

Long form is Da Best. That service feels like a crowdsourced version of Short Attention Span Theatre.

(Deleted comment)
write a new post and a PS about where you (think you) were halfway from new post to last post. then with every new post include the 1/4 or 3/4 post. the most important thing is to post.

Xeno's updating philosophy, only ever half-way to the present from the previous post?

Really the most important thing is to begin it now, and let the backfilling fall where it will.

and also welcome back

And also also if you want just private typing space I recommend 750words.com, based on the morning pages from The Artist's Way (a book I read and hated and still find useful parts of annually. So.)

it's a point of departure

I, too, struggle to post here on a regular basis - but I am trying! All we can do is try.

Hi, good to see you. Eh, let it all go. It IS chronological, you're back now, just start fresh. Chronological doesn't mean recording every single thing, after all.

And the long form that LJ has is so seductive, way more conducive to intimacy.

Not to mention critical thought!

I much prefer long-form. Write whatever. It's nice to hear from you again.

It's lovely to see you back in my LJ feed!

I also understand about the crushing inertia when one hasn't updated for awhile. Because of my new job, I cannot log into LJ during the day, and thus there are now long gaps between posts. I didn't think it would be a hurdle, but then I found that it was.

Long-form is my preferred method of communication as well. I can jabber sound-bites at anyone, but I only allow deeper levels of myself to emerge in long-form.

Hello, sneaky friend. High 5!

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