The Sarmatian Protopope

his desires inscrutable but surely base

Darling, I believe that your obsession
is your only way out of here
It's your only spiritual condition
where heart and soul they cross-appeal
-- Gogol Bordello, Sacred Darling
I hoard beautiful and amazing things, glimpses of good ideas, and Tech That Works. And I share them with people who appreciate. That's actually my vocation, and a large part of my purpose in life.

I am obsessed with good scifi books, anime, b-movies, webcomics, old video games, AI and artificial life, MUDs and world creation, near-future RPG systems, clever software, religions, ceremonial magic, intentional communities, portals and knowledge management, Portland (Maine), sailing and girls.

I'm married to catvalente


Yes, this is all going somewhere. I'm trying to get across something with these entries and diagrams. There is a story, and a pattern, and a point. Be patient with me.

Why some words are bolded in my entries - It's for ease of skimming. I want to make it easier for you to skim over what I write, and determine what it's about. I want the best of all worlds: the freedom to be verbose, but not feeling like I'm impinging on readers' time.

FILTERS: I only have one filter -- the [Diary] filter as a simple record of what I did and thought each day. This is merely for organization, and so as not to flood your Friends feed (unless you want me to). :)
To be added to the filter leave a comment on this entry.
If there's anything interesting, juicy or prurient, I'll simply post it to my journal (or merely friends-lock).

Un-Friending note: I am very low-key about my friends list. Please feel free to un-friend without warning.

Some Current Projects: I run Invisible Games with catvalente -- see also lj feed at invisiblegames and announcement/discussion community invisiblegamers

Some Trivia:
* Where my current username comes from. Also, where my previous name, 'godlyperspectiv' comes from.
* A programmer at a distributed systems company, coding in Erlang, Ruby, Python, Node.js.
* Languages: English, Russian (fluent), French (studied for 5 years. Can still read, with a dictionary, but losing the conversation skills).
* List of (tabletop) RPGs I want to play before I die: Part 1 and Part 2.

Frequently maligned movies which I like:
* Eyes Wide Shut
* Romeo + Juliet
* Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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